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clipplotr - a comparative visualization and analysis tool for CLIP data.

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posted on 2023-05-18, 09:32 authored by Anob M Chakrabarti, Charlotte Capitanchik, Jernej Ule, Nicholas M Luscombe
CLIP technologies are now widely used to study RNA-protein interactions and many datasets are now publicly available. An important first step in CLIP data exploration is the visual inspection and assessment of processed genomic data on selected genes or regions and performing comparisons: either across conditions within a particular project, or incorporating publicly available data. However, the output files produced by data processing pipelines or preprocessed files available to download from data repositories are often not suitable for direct comparison and usually need further processing. Furthermore, to derive biological insight it is usually necessary to visualise CLIP signal alongside other data such as annotations, or orthogonal functional genomic data (e.g. RNA-seq). We have developed a simple, but powerful, command-line tool: clipplotr, which facilitates these visual comparative and integrative analyses with normalisation and smoothing options for CLIP data and the ability to show these alongside reference annotation tracks and functional genomic data. These data can be supplied as input to clipplotr in a range of file formats, which will output a publication quality figure. It is written in R and can both run on a laptop computer independently, or be integrated into computational workflows on a high-performance cluster. Releases, source code and documentation are freely available at:


Crick (Grant ID: 10110, Grant title: Luscombe FC001110)