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Variant exported blood-stage proteins encoded by Plasmodium multigene families are expressed in liver stages where they are exported into the parasitophorous vacuole

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posted on 2020-08-12, 13:23 authored by Aurélie Fougère, Andrew P Jackson, Dafni Paraskevi Bechtsi, Joanna AM Braks, Takeshi Annoura, Jannik Fonager, Roberta Spaccapelo, Jai Ramesar, Séverine Chevalley-Maurel, Onny Klop, Annelies MA van der Laan, Hans J Tanke, Clemens HM Kocken, Erica M Pasini, Shahid M Khan, Ulrike Böhme, Christiaan van Ooij, Thomas D Otto, Chris J Janse, Blandine Franke-Fayard
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