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Two decades of neuroscience publication trends in Africa.

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posted on 2021-06-11, 12:38 authored by MB Maina, U Ahmad, HA Ibrahim, SK Hamidu, FE Nasr, AT Salihu, AI Abushouk, M Abdurrazak, MA Awadelkareem, A Amin, A Imam, ID Akinrinade, AH Yakubu, IA Azeez, YG Mohammed, AA Adamu, HB Ibrahim, AM Bukar, AU Yaro, BW Goni, LL Prieto-Godino, T Baden
Neuroscience research in Africa remains sparse. Devising new policies to boost Africa's neuroscience landscape is imperative, but these must be based on accurate data on research outputs which is largely lacking. Such data must reflect the heterogeneity of research environments across the continent's 54 countries. Here, we analyse neuroscience publications affiliated with African institutions between 1996 and 2017. Of 12,326 PubMed indexed publications, 5,219 show clear evidence that the work was performed in Africa and led by African-based researchers - on average ~5 per country and year. From here, we extract information on journals and citations, funding, international coauthorships and techniques used. For reference, we also extract the same metrics from 220 randomly selected publications each from the UK, USA, Australia, Japan and Brazil. Our dataset provides insights into the current state of African neuroscience research in a global context.


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