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The Mtb-HIV syndemic interaction: why treating M. tuberculosis infection may be crucial for HIV-1 eradication.

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posted on 2020-11-10, 12:38 authored by Robyn Waters, Mthawelanga Ndengane, Melissa-Rose Abrahams, Collin R Diedrich, Robert J Wilkinson, Anna K Coussens
Accelerated tuberculosis and AIDS progression seen in HIV-1 and Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Mtb)-coinfected individuals indicates the important interaction between these syndemic pathogens. The immunological interaction between HIV-1 and Mtb has been largely defined by how the virus exacerbates tuberculosis disease pathogenesis. Understanding of the mechanisms by which pre-existing or subsequent Mtb infection may favor the replication, persistence and progression of HIV, is less characterized. We present a rationale for the critical consideration of 'latent' Mtb infection in HIV-1 prevention and cure strategies. In support of this position, we review evidence of the effect of Mtb infection on HIV-1 acquisition, replication and persistence. We propose that 'latent' Mtb infection may have considerable impact on HIV-1 pathogenesis and the continuing HIV-1 epidemic in sub-Saharan Africa.