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TBC1D14 sets the TRAPP for ATG9

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posted on 2020-08-20, 16:29 authored by Christopher A Lamb, Sharon A Tooze
Amino acid withdrawal induces the formation of autophagosomes, which results in dozens of these large double-membrane vesicles appearing in the starved cell within 10-15 min, and the initiation of autophagy. This vesicle-mediated response clearly requires an adequate supply of membrane and a tight molecular regulation creating a substantial challenge for the cell in terms of vesicle trafficking pathways. Several membrane sources, which contribute to autophagosome initiation and formation, have been identified including the ER, Golgi, plasma membrane, mitochondria and recycling endosomes. How contributions from these organelles are regulated is an intensive area of study. Members of several families of membrane traffic regulators, including small GTPases, such as RAB proteins, and their regulators, SNARE proteins and BAR domain-containing proteins, have recently been shown to support autophagosome formation.