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Repeated clinical malaria episodes are associated with modification of the immune system in children

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posted on 2019-12-11, 16:08 authored by Yaw Bediako, Rhys Adams, Adam J Reid, John Joseph Valletta, Francis M Ndungu, Jan Sodenkamp, Jedidah Mwacharo, Joyce Mwongeli Ngoi, Domtila Kimani, Oscar Kai, Juliana Wambua, George Nyangweso, Etienne P de Villiers, Mandy Sanders, Magda Ewa Lotkowska, Jing-Wen Lin, Sarah Manni, John WG Addy, Mario Recker, Chris Newbold, Matthew Berriman, Philip Bejon, Kevin Marsh, Jean Langhorne
There are over 200 million reported cases of malaria each year, and most children living in endemic areas will experience multiple episodes of clinical disease before puberty. We set out to understand how frequent clinical malaria, which elicits a strong inflammatory response, affects the immune system and whether these modifications are observable in the absence of detectable parasitaemia.