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Profiling sulfur(VI) fluorides as reactive functionalities for chemical biology tools and expansion of the ligandable proteome.

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posted on 2023-02-23, 13:39 authored by Katharine E Gilbert, Aini Vuorinen, Arron Aatkar, Peter Pogány, Jonathan Pettinger, Emma K Grant, Joanna M Kirkpatrick, Katrin Rittinger, David House, Glenn A Burley, Jacob T Bush
A comprehensive profiling of sulfur(VI) fluoride reactivity is reported in the context of fragment binders and optimized probes. The reactivity profile of an SVI-F panel is demonstrated using live cell chemoproteomics. The studies provide an in-depth understanding of how the hydrolytic stability, protein reactivity, and chemoproteomic utility of SVI-Fs can be used as a strategy to expand the insights that offer a valuable guide for the design of SVI-F-containing ligands, thus highlighting the opportunity for SVI-Fs to expand the liganded proteome.


Crick (Grant ID: 10011, Grant title: STP Proteomics) Crick (Grant ID: CC2075, Grant title: Rittinger CC2075)