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Particle entity in the Doi-Peliti and response field formalisms.

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posted on 2023-04-24, 09:36 authored by Marius Bothe, Luca Cocconi, Zigan Zhen, Gunnar Pruessner
We introduce a procedure to test a theory for point particle entity, that is, whether said theory takes into account the discrete nature of the constituents of the system. We then identify the mechanism whereby particle entity is enforced in the context of two field-theoretic frameworks designed to incorporate the particle nature of the degrees of freedom, namely the Doi-Peliti field theory and the response field theory that derives from Dean's equation. While the Doi-Peliti field theory encodes the particle nature at a very fundamental level that is easily revealed, demonstrating the same for Dean's equation is more involved and results in a number of surprising diagrammatic identities. We derive those and discuss their implications. These results are particularly pertinent in the context of active matter, whose surprising and often counterintuitive phenomenology rests wholly on the particle nature of the agents and their degrees of freedom as particles.


Crick (Grant ID: CC2062, Grant title: Salbreux CC2062)