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Online citizen science with the Zooniverse for analysis of biological volumetric data.

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posted on 2023-09-21, 08:39 authored by Patricia Smith, Oliver NF King, Avery Pennington, Win Tun, Mark Basham, Martin L Jones, Lucy M Collinson, Michele C Darrow, Helen Spiers
Public participation in research, also known as citizen science, is being increasingly adopted for the analysis of biological volumetric data. Researchers working in this domain are applying online citizen science as a scalable distributed data analysis approach, with recent research demonstrating that non-experts can productively contribute to tasks such as the segmentation of organelles in volume electron microscopy data. This, alongside the growing challenge to rapidly process the large amounts of biological volumetric data now routinely produced, means there is increasing interest within the research community to apply online citizen science for the analysis of data in this context. Here, we synthesise core methodological principles and practices for applying citizen science for analysis of biological volumetric data. We collate and share the knowledge and experience of multiple research teams who have applied online citizen science for the analysis of volumetric biological data using the Zooniverse platform ( ). We hope this provides inspiration and practical guidance regarding how contributor effort via online citizen science may be usefully applied in this domain.


Crick (Grant ID: CC1076, Grant title: STP Electron Microscopy)