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Massively parallel microwire arrays integrated with CMOS chips for neural recording.

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posted on 2020-11-10, 12:49 authored by Abdulmalik Obaid, Mina-Elraheb Hanna, Yu-Wei Wu, Mihaly Kollo, Romeo Racz, Matthew R Angle, Jan Müller, Nora Brackbill, William Wray, Felix Franke, EJ Chichilnisky, Andreas Hierlemann, Jun B Ding, Andreas T Schaefer, Nicholas A Melosh
Multi-channel electrical recordings of neural activity in the brain is an increasingly powerful method revealing new aspects of neural communication, computation, and prosthetics. However, while planar silicon-based CMOS devices in conventional electronics scale rapidly, neural interface devices have not kept pace. Here, we present a new strategy to interface silicon-based chips with three-dimensional microwire arrays, providing the link between rapidly-developing electronics and high density neural interfaces. The system consists of a bundle of microwires mated to large-scale microelectrode arrays, such as camera chips. This system has excellent recording performance, demonstrated via single unit and local-field potential recordings in isolated retina and in the motor cortex or striatum of awake moving mice. The modular design enables a variety of microwire types and sizes to be integrated with different types of pixel arrays, connecting the rapid progress of commercial multiplexing, digitisation and data acquisition hardware together with a three-dimensional neural interface.


Crick (Grant ID: 10153, Grant title: Schaefer FC001153)


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