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Long undecoded transcript isoform (LUTI) detection in meiotic budding yeast by direct RNA and transcript leader sequencing

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posted on 2022-02-16, 12:51 authored by Amy Tresenrider, Minghao Chia, Folkert J van Werven, Elçin Ünal
LUTIs (Long Undecoded Transcript Isoforms) are 5′-extended and poorly translated mRNAs that can downregulate transcription from promoters more proximal to a gene’s coding sequence (CDS). In this protocol, polyA RNA is extracted from budding yeast cells undergoing highly synchronized meiosis. Using a combination of long-read direct RNA sequencing and transcript leader sequencing (TL-seq), meiosis-specific LUTIs are systematically identified. Following identification, TL-seq is used to quantify the abundance of both LUTI and the more canonical gene-proximal (PROX) transcripts.


Crick (Grant ID: 10203, Grant title: van Werven FC001203)