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JunD, not c-Jun, is the AP-1 transcription factor required for Ras-induced lung cancer.

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posted on 2021-07-09, 12:44 authored by E Josue Ruiz, Linxiang Lan, Markus Elmar Diefenbacher, Eva Madi Riising, Clive Da Costa, Atanu Chakraborty, Joerg D Hoeck, Bradley Spencer-Dene, Gavin Kelly, Jean-Pierre David, Emma Nye, Julian Downward, Axel Behrens
The AP-1 transcription factor c-Jun is required for Ras-driven tumorigenesis in many tissues and is considered as a classical proto-oncogene. To determine the requirement for c-Jun in a mouse model of K-RasG12D-induced lung adenocarcinoma, we inducibly deleted c-Jun in the adult lung. Surprisingly, we found that inactivation of c-Jun, or mutation of its JNK phosphorylation sites, actually increased lung tumor burden. Mechanistically, we found that protein levels of the Jun family member JunD were increased in the absence of c-Jun. In c-Jun-deficient cells, JunD phosphorylation was increased, and expression of a dominant-active JNKK2-JNK1 transgene further increased lung tumor formation. Strikingly, deletion of JunD completely abolished Ras-driven lung tumorigenesis. This work identifies JunD, not c-Jun, as the crucial substrate of JNK signaling and oncogene required for Ras-induced lung cancer.


Crick (Grant ID: 10009, Grant title: STP Experimental Histopathology) Crick (Grant ID: 10002, Grant title: STP Bioinformatics & Biostatistics) Crick (Grant ID: 10070, Grant title: Downward FC001070) Crick (Grant ID: 10039, Grant title: Behrens FC001039)