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Human embryo research, stem cell-derived embryo models and in vitro gametogenesis: Considerations leading to the revised ISSCR guidelines

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posted on 2021-06-16, 11:44 authored by Amander T Clark, Ali Brivanlou, Jianping Fu, Kazuto Kato, Debra Mathews, Kathy K Niakan, Nicolas Rivron, Mitinori Saitou, Azim Surani, Fuchou Tang, Janet Rossant
The ISSCR Guidelines for Stem Cell Research and Clinical Translation were last revised in 2016. Since then, rapid progress has been made in research areas related to in vitro culture of human embryos, creation of stem cell-based embryo models, and in vitro gametogenesis. Therefore, a working group of international experts was convened to review the oversight process and provide an update to the guidelines. This report captures the discussion and summarizes the major recommendations made by this working group, with a specific emphasis on updating the categories of review and engagement with the specialized scientific and ethical oversight process.


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