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Genomic landscape of platinum resistant and sensitive testicular cancers.

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posted on 2020-05-14, 17:32 authored by Chey Loveday, Kevin Litchfield, Paula Z Proszek, Alex J Cornish, Flavia Santo, Max Levy, Geoff Macintyre, Amy Holryod, Peter Broderick, Darshna Dudakia, Barbara Benton, Maise Al Bakir, Crispin Hiley, Emily Grist, Charles Swanton, Robert Huddart, Tom Powles, Simon Chowdhury, Janet Shipley, Simon O'Connor, James D Brenton, Alison Reid, David Gonzalez de Castro, Richard S Houlston, Clare Turnbull
While most testicular germ cell tumours (TGCTs) exhibit exquisite sensitivity to platinum chemotherapy, ~10% are platinum resistant. To gain insight into the underlying mechanisms, we undertake whole exome sequencing and copy number analysis in 40 tumours from 26 cases with platinum-resistant TGCT, and combine this with published genomic data on an additional 624 TGCTs. We integrate analyses for driver mutations, mutational burden, global, arm-level and focal copy number (CN) events, and SNV and CN signatures. Albeit preliminary and observational in nature, these analyses provide support for a possible mechanistic link between early driver mutations in RAS and KIT and the widespread copy number events by which TGCT is characterised.