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Distinct genetically determined origins of Myd88/Bcl2-driven aggressive lymphoma rationalize targeted therapeutic intervention strategies.

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posted on 2023-01-12, 13:36 authored by Ruth Flümann, Julia Hansen, Benedikt W Pelzer, Pascal Nieper, Tim Lohmann, Ilmars Kisis, Tobias Riet, Viktoria Kohlhas, Phuong-Hien Nguyen, Martin Peifer, Nima Abedpour, Graziella Bosco, Roman K Thomas, Moritz Kochanek, Jacqueline Knüfer, Lorenz Jonigkeit, Filippo Beleggia, Alessandra Holzem, Reinhard Büttner, Philipp Lohneis, Jörn Meinel, Monika Ortmann, Thorsten Persigehl, Michael Hallek, Dinis Pedro Calado, Markus Chmielewski, Sebastian Klein, Joachim R Göthert, Bjoern Chapuy, Branko Zevnik, F Thomas Wunderlich, Bastian von Tresckow, Ron D Jachimowicz, Ari M Melnick, Hans Christian Reinhardt, Gero Knittel
Genomic profiling revealed the identity of at least 5 subtypes of DLBCL, including the MCD/C5 cluster characterized by aberrations in MYD88, BCL2, PRDM1 and/or SPIB. We generated mouse models harboring B cell-specific Prdm1 or Spib aberrations on the background of oncogenic Myd88 and Bcl2 lesions. We deployed whole exome sequencing, transcriptome, flow- and mass cytometry analyses to demonstrate that Prdm1- or Spib-altered lymphomas display molecular features consistent with pre-memory B cells and light zone B cells, whereas lymphomas lacking these alterations were enriched for late light-zone and plasmablast-associated gene sets. Consistent with the phenotypic evidence for increased B cell receptor signaling activity in Prdm1-altered lymphomas, we demonstrate that combined BTK/BCL2 inhibition displays therapeutic activity in mice and in five out of six relapsed/refractory DLBCL patients. Moreover, Prdm1-altered lymphomas were immunogenic upon transplantation into immuno-competent hosts, displayed an actionable PD-L1 surface expression and were sensitive to anti-murine-CD19-CAR-T cell therapy, in vivo.


Crick (Grant ID: 10057, Grant title: Calado FC001057)