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Automated segmentation of cell organelles in volume electron microscopy using deep learning.

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posted on 2024-03-25, 10:02 authored by Nebojša Nešić, Xavier Heiligenstein, Lydia Zopf, Valentin Blüml, Katharina S Keuenhof, Michael Wagner, Johanna L Höög, Heng Qi, Zhiyang Li, Georgios Tsaramirsis, Christopher J Peddie, Miloš Stojmenović, Andreas Walter
Recent advances in computing power triggered the use of artificial intelligence in image analysis in life sciences. To train these algorithms, a large enough set of certified labeled data is required. The trained neural network is then capable of producing accurate instance segmentation results that will then need to be re-assembled into the original dataset: the entire process requires substantial expertise and time to achieve quantifiable results. To speed-up the process, from cell organelle detection to quantification across electron microscopy modalities, we propose a deep-learning based approach for fast automatic outline segmentation (FAMOUS), that involves organelle detection combined with image morphology, and 3D meshing to automatically segment, visualize and quantify cell organelles within volume electron microscopy datasets. From start to finish, FAMOUS provides full segmentation results within a week on previously unseen datasets. FAMOUS was showcased on a HeLa cell dataset acquired using a focused ion beam scanning electron microscope, and on yeast cells acquired by transmission electron tomography. RESEARCH HIGHLIGHTS: Introducing a rapid, multimodal machine-learning workflow for the automatic segmentation of 3D cell organelles. Successfully applied to a variety of volume electron microscopy datasets and cell lines. Outperforming manual segmentation methods in time and accuracy. Enabling high-throughput quantitative cell biology.


Crick (Grant ID: CC1076, Grant title: STP Electron Microscopy)