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A global view of the aspiring physician-scientist.

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posted on 2022-09-16, 11:01 authored by Christopher S Williams, W Kimryn Rathmell, John M Carethers, Diane M Harper, YM Dennis Lo, Peter J Ratcliffe, Mone Zaidi
Physician-scientists have epitomized the blending of deep, rigorous impactful curiosity with broad attention to human health for centuries. While we aspire to prepare all physicians with an appreciation for these skills, those who apply them to push the understanding of the boundaries of human physiology and disease, to advance treatments, and to increase our knowledge base in the arena of human health can fulfill an essential space for our society, economies, and overall well-being. Working arm in arm with basic and translational scientists as well as expert clinicians, as peers in both groups, this career additionally serves as a bridge to facilitate the pace and direction of research that ultimately impacts health. Globally, there are remarkable similarities in challenges in this career path, and in the approaches employed to overcome them. Herein, we review how different countries train physician-scientists and suggest strategies to further bolster this career path.


Crick (Grant ID: 10501, Grant title: Ratcliffe FC001501)