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Data for reproducing results from the manuscript "Vitamin B5 supports Myc oncogenic metabolism and tumour progression in breast cancer"

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posted on 2023-11-10, 11:56 authored by Peter Kreuzaler, Paolo InglesePaolo Inglese, Avinash GhanateAvinash Ghanate, Ersa GjelajErsa Gjelaj, Vincen Wu, Yulia Panina, Andres Mendez Lucas, Catherine MaclachlanCatherine Maclachlan, Neill PataniNeill Patani, Catherine B. Hubert, Helen Huang, Gina Greenidge, Oscar M. Rueda, Adam TaylorAdam Taylor, Evdoxia Karali, Emine Kazanc, Amy Spicer-HadlingtonAmy Spicer-Hadlington, Alex Dexter, Wei LinWei Lin, Daria ThompsonDaria Thompson, Mariana Silva Dos SantosMariana Silva Dos Santos, Enrica CalvaniEnrica Calvani, Nathalie LegraveNathalie Legrave, James EllisJames Ellis, Wendy Greenwood, Mary GreenMary Green, Emma NyeEmma Nye, Emma Still, CRUK Rosetta Grand Challenge Consortium, Simon Barry, Richard Goodwin, Alejandra Bruna, Carlos Caldas, James MacraeJames Macrae, Luiz Pedro CarvalhoLuiz Pedro Carvalho, George Poulogiannis, Greg McMahon, Z. (Zoltan) Takats, Josephine Bunch, Mariia YunevaMariia Yuneva

DATA_for_Kreuzaler_etal_Scripts contains input processed data files for the mass spectrometry imaging data used in the manuscript "Vitamin B5 supports Myc oncogenic metabolism and tumour progression in breast cancer".

The input files are arranged according to different studies and are provided as HDF5 formatted binary files (*.h5). Individual files consist of processed datacubes as a matrix with rows corresponding to pixels and columns corresponding to m/z features. It also includes dimension of the total image as height x width and a list of m/z.

For each study, tissue labels are provided as R data file (*.rds). It consists of tumour-type labels as a matrix pixel matched with the processed datacube.

Additionally following datasets are also available: 

Immunohistochemistry (IHC) data for PDX and human biopsy samples.

Raw GC-MS data for WM Tumours


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